Psoriasis: causes, diagnosis and treatment methods

Skin disease — skin disease because of what may be serious always effects cannot be predicted. Such a disease is psoriasis. This term is called chronic disease, skin and nails, and more new and advanced stages, joints, and even liver failure. Sometimes head psoriasis can be found. In another way, this disease called scaly deprive.

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The first symptoms, psoriasis, skin peel, the emergence of both flaky rash, elbows, knees and nails. But before I talk about symptoms, let's find out the causes of illnesses, psoriasis, as well as possible prevention methods.


There are a lot of factors that may be causes of psoriasis.

The main to consider:

  • Metabolic disorders, bad and low quality food, an eating disorder. That's why psoriasis often follow new fashion girl addicted to diet and modes of power. Anyway, the body you need to get a normal amount of vitamins and mineral substances. There are people of a certain vitamin your body not only detects, but also them from everyone, as is well known, reflected skin.
  • Excessive alcohol, drugs and greasy, a very satisfying meal. In such a case we fill the body fat, and always it's true. Drugs, even such harmless, such as vitamins, only vitamin A few groups that sometimes a certain group. Managing change like all diet pills but never. You will get all the vitamins into your body, even if a very large amount, sorry about that the signal to be more active growth and development. New cells begins to grow very quickly, it comes to psoriasis this process.
  • Is broken when gastrointestinal-stomach diseases — simply put, problems with the digestive system. Typically, this behavior is due to malnutrition. So significantly into the stomach a more subtle one. Therefore, toxic substances from food into the body, I left it behind fully gastric juice — beyond the gastrointestinal tract-stomach diseases. Therefore, it delivers the blood of toxins, liver and kidney, and what exactly turns out to be the biggest negative effect. Exacerbating this disease and the cause of psoriasis the reason for this service.
  • That is to say, constant stress, nervous system, it's a sick thing. Perhaps it is. This applies to psoriasis, is the most direct way. Long-term tension, nerves, long-term depression — all these effects and your skin too. A different kind of biochemical reactions that occur, the results increasingly helpless as psoriasis weakens the immune system and protecting the body from entering, because once the harmful substances.
  • An array is immune to a serious illness the cause for any other reduction. This among them sinusitis, otitis media, and others. Slowly these diseases that are so suck man vitality essence for the body's ability to handle toxins is insignificant. If the person is already sick psoriasis, nausea, and still has such a disease, the people that will accompany it at a later stage in the development of psoriasis and transitions. Therefore, therapeutic exercise need to do immediately. Why is psoriasis contagious diseases, is the development of Streptococcus.

Psoriasis that occurs in puberty, quite often when a good meal is watching the kids and nutrition on-the-go.

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In this way the state of Health and referred the immune system.

Diagnostic methods for psoriasis

Psoriasis is a fairly common problem ever, therefore, methods of treatment, diagnostic methods are very advanced. It's very easy to determine a professional dermatologist psoriasis: the hidden disease is almost impossible. Eczema or dermatitis is a chronic skin disease difficult to distinguish and banal. Specificity the first psoriasis diagnosis, but if it is detected in the examination of doubts, a person is assigned a number, and needed to pass the test during the stage for the formation of a clearer idea about the doctor neglected diseases.

Psoriasis in three stages:

  1. Progressive — ta, which are constantly evolving, the disease spreads over large areas of the skin. Especially like this is a visible scratches and damage from skin — peeling occurs immediately and the area around them, the skin becomes scaly a fluffy surface. I must say, at this stage of treatment of psoriasis is impossible, but to maintain a safe condition and treat it for a disease, is required.
  2. Hard — she got a rash on the skin, and existing fields are eliminated, and scaly skin are rolled back, but no improvement was seen. The disease appeared in a very prominent place, leave him alone: that's not progress. However, to date, it's a scene which is hard to get rid of there psoriasis using the methods. Anyway, standing a dermatologist for advice but from time to time-related condition, skin and nails.
  3. Frozen — fade-out without the need for Disease Intervention. Unfortunately, such a situation is sparse, but still. At such a stage, the skin starts with slow but sure steps to restore. Because of this behavior, there are reasons to date unknown and a correct diet regime or undisguised. But let's not forget that he constantly let me visit a dermatologist to analyze such a stage of the disease.

For more information, which provides another method to examine the patient's skin, a fence skin cells by using a special spatula. The cells are then examined under a microscope, and analysts.

Sometimes more accurate data-related condition psoriasis biopsy should be done on a routine basis.


The doctor then sees the patient the most accurate information you will get skin condition and if a detailed structure of each layer and each cell.

If you value yourself you are to think about how to identify psoriasis to know a few basic signs. We have mentioned about the appearance of the flaking scales; it is also bad for the catastrophic diseases and symptoms feel sleepy all day long (especially on a parallel any chronic illness patient), dizziness, fuzzy skin on the whole body in general (i.e., dryness, irritability, sensitivity). The first symptoms, please a dermatologist or general practitioner, vain self-medication.

As for are classified by how the various symptoms, psoriasis, types of psoriasis just your attention:

  • psoriatic erythroderma,
  • normal,
  • reactive arthritis
  • pustular,
  • exudative.

Just assign each one assigned to a separate treatment can be an expert.

Nature genetic, psoriasis

Now the question that interests: psoriasis is hereditary and passed what are the chances?

Yes, psoriasis can be achieved entirely at a genetic level. This disease and not immediately at birth and later. In some cases, the entire family tree and finds there the person psoriasis patients, but the gene of this disease can occur suddenly and sit down several generations of the human race, and someone with a family member. For those situations where it has been proven, for example, a sick child in the family, a mom visible after a period of illness. This coincidence the only disease it has been a long time from generation to generation, now comes out. In the meantime, in cases like this, it is likely psoriasis and for future generations.

More than half of the patients multiple psoriasis if the type is near, Once you suffer from this disease. In any case, we need about health care and Prevention, psoriasis, and if so, what happened, it's not allowed to do should the guy are already sick, disease progression and the distribution of the body.

About the treatments

Psoriasis treatment. Some less common popularity any higher. After analyzing the path of treatment is selected depending on the situation, general health status of the patient during the stage and again neglected diseases.

If an improvement, such as psoriasis begins with her treatment ointments and gels.

So which ointment psoriasis treatment? It is recommended to make certain tincture and ointment personally, but better not risk your health. Very easy to sharpen because psoriasis skin disease is very sensitive and detects the slightest fracture in the period immediately irritation, increased reaction peeling.

When choosing your ointment, a question always arises: with or without hormones? I will now explain, what difference does it make. Very fast hormonal ointments to give effect: symptoms of disease disappear within a short period of time, I feel better overall. A suggestion about the patient but the doctor must provide such a tool may include the combined effects of all this dependency occurs ointment. Moreover, this dependency is not only a process, which perceive the body's response medicine: serious health disorders that can appear after a while. Also include a statement of information on this subject.


Quite generally there hormonal drugs, contraindications and side effects of varying disorders, hormonal disorders, cardiovascular system and appearance with the body ending in serious changes to circulation issues. Great demand, ointments made in Israel, they are famous, Quality and efficiency.

Non-hormonal drugs somewhat weaker, but still effective.

Psoriasis can be cured and the drug, are classified as the same way.

Sick more in the treatment process will depend on the sensitivity or drugs.

Vehicle any prescription, which, sooner or later, you will be accustomed to her body, you have to, or increase the dose or to take one more thing. Is considered as the most effective tool, eyedropper, or using jabs are entered, but is already very advanced stages of development assigned.

It is impossible to get rid of psoriasis but this disease is always to try to keep it under control and eliminate symptoms.