Instructions for use Psorimilk

Promil cream application properties

Besides, high efficiency, action, psoriasis cream Psorimilk features applications in a simple way:

  • A special outer coating for drug use and rinse thoroughly in case of contact with eyes or other mucous membranes with running water necessary.
  • The entire cover should use a thin layer of cream on the affected area evenly by distributing the contents of the package.
  • More tool is recommended, three times a day, but if you have such an opportunity, then the administrative body must be in the rashes, at least in the morning and evening before going to bed.
  • Important to pre-wash affected private without the use of hot water, soap or other cleansers for the body.
  • Then giving cream Psorimilk15 minutes , you must wait for the skin to completely absorb lived tool.

The basic features of the application cream Psorimilk psoriasis

Struggle to begin before symptoms of psoriasis cream Psorimilkyou will see the effect faster. In order to completely eliminate all the symptoms of the disease, use the medication regularly during 15-20 days. At the end of this period if any redness on your skin, apply cream more than 7-12 days. All skin the scars and then disappears, means that you can stop using. Also experts, day cream and minimised the risk of recurrent skin diseases. Put your daily cream Psorimilk powerful the first symptoms to prevent a recurrence of a skin lesion.

The vehicle is described which consists of only natural ingredients, are there any contraindications to use it and so all people, regardless of gender and age group. The only limitation is that the application is considered to be any article of personal intolerance that comes with cream.